Multidisciplinary expertise in the wine trade

Our mission and the causes we believe in

Reyes Wine Group formed as a group of collaborators providing multidisciplinary expertise across the wine trade. Today, that mission has transformed. RWG is a portal that highlights the organizations we advocate for and support in the climate & sustainable action sector of wine. In addition, Reyes Selections, our Pennsylvania import portfolio led by Nysa Lane, continues to live on. Lastly, for those who know Martin personally, the Dad Humor page remains.

Climate Action

This is the heart of Reyes Wine Group and the shift in our primary focus over the past few years.  We are just one small part of the growing community of organizations involved in climate action and sustainability.

Reyes Selections

An extension of Reyes Wine Group, this east coast based portfolio is comprised of family-owned producers culled from years of international travel, tasting and importation.

Wine Unify

Wine Unify seeks to unite education, mentorship and inclusion of underrepresented minorities by way of:

WELCOMING all interested parties

ELEVATING and support the careers of existing wine industry professionals of color who seek further education and

AMPLIFYING the diverse voices of underrepresented professionals.