Trade Consultancy

Consultant services for the full off-premise supply and value-chain of wine.


Expertise includes: 

  • Wineries & Producers  
    • Branding, content editing & messaging assessment 
    • Packaging & organoleptic assessment 
  • New Distributors and Importers 
    • US distribution strategy resource 
    • Portfolio development & advisement  
  • Retailers & Off-premise (California) 
    • Purchasing consultant 
    • Distributor relations 
    • Customer outreach initiatives 

Climate Action

Consultant services for wineries addressing climate change through adaptation & mitigation strategies. Inherent to working with RWG is becoming a part of the growing community of action-driven wineries tackling issues around climate change.

Initiatives include:

  • Historical and future forecasting of growing degree days (GDD) and precipitation indices
  • Scenario planning and site suitability exercises for present and future vineyard holdings
  • Variety scenario planning and suitability exercises
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Reduction Planning

Education & Speaking


High-level workshops and Master Classes targeted for internal staff, production or account manager training. Workshops range examples: 

Regional & Appellation Master Classes  

Channel specialization seminars (retailer, distributor and importer)

Professional tasting (blind and open) acumen 

Deep dives into US business and market trends 

Instructor fluency in Spanish, French, Italian


Also available for conference speaker, moderator, panelist roles


Particular expertise in the following areas 


  • Climate change and action in the wine industry 
  • Mexican wine industry – trends and developments 
  • US off-premise market & consumer trends