Meghan Vergara

Veritas Consultants

Meghan Vergara is a Certified Sommelier with over 15 years experience working in world class culinary and wine markets such as New York City and Napa Valley. During her extensive Sommelier training and tenure at the some of the nation’s top restaurants she learned from the very best industry professionals, Winemakers and successful business owners how to create a top level wine experience that is unlike anything else.

Ms. Vergara has dedicated her career to the pursuit of excellence in wine knowledge. We would say her dedication also extends to the pursuit of pleasure in wine consumption experiences for her own company, Veritas Consultants. She strongly believes in sharing the joy, beauty and craftsmanship of good wine and making it more fun to understand. Perhaps one of the least intimidating and most engaging sommeliers we know in the entire country, We trust our event “energy” and client experiential offerings to Meghan without hesitation.

Meghan and Martin have known each other since 2006, and both are thrilled that everything has come full circle and both are now working together.