Cascina del Pozzo

Piedmont – Roero, Italia

A sublime Barbera specialist, the Cascina del Pozzo estate produces white, rosé, and red wines on the Piedmont slopes of Roero, where the production of wine still takes place with passion, respect of nature and tradition. Many consider Roero the spiritual heartland of Barbera and, in particular Arneis.

Their Story

Situated in the Roero area of Piedmont and surrounded by beautiful hills, the Cascina del Pozzo winery has spanned five generations of the Marchisio family. The tradition and know-how has been handed down as well, with the core farming philosophies still abiding by the same methods that tend the same vines since the 1940s. 

No herbicides, chemicals or fertilizer are used, (something that used to be normal, right?) and each wine is aged in large wooden barrels. The focus remains the same indigenous grapes with a long-standing history in the area (such as Arneis, Barbera, Nebbiolo, and even Favorita!). This respects both the environment and local winemaking traditions, with each bottle of Cascina del Pozzo wine presenting a true, delicious taste of history and land.

Founded: 1940
Owner: Lorenzo and Gabriele
Vineyard: Roero, Piedmont
Annual Production: 7000 bottles
Varieties: Arneis, Barbera and Nebbiolo


I was first introduced to Cascina del Pozzo when I was at Global Wine Co. My boss at the time Simon Littler, a fascinating individual who founded GWC, had established a relationship with this producer well before I came on board and I found that this was the winery we consistently went back to for wine club order fulfillment. It was clear there was something special about their wines, the whites and Barberas in particular. This is one of my longest standing producer relationships and was one of the first wineries I called when I started RWG.

Quick Facts on Piedmont - Roero

HISTORY:  The name of this DOCG area comes from the Roero family of bankers and traders, who were prominent in the political life of Asti and its environs, and who dominated this area for a number of centuries during the Middle Ages. 

TODAYThe trend towards organic and sustainabe winemaking is one that Piedmont is embracing. Minimal intervention vinification techniques are also in use to enhance varietal typicity. 

TERROIR: Moderate continental climate, protected by the Alps to the north and from weather systems coming from the Mediterranean by the Apennines. Roero is a hilly region is northeast of Cuneo in Piedmont.