Château d’Emeringes

Beaujolais Villages – Emeringes, France

Their Story

Château d’Emeringes is run by third-generation owner Pierre David, who tends his vineyards on sandy granitic soils and south-east-facing slopes. The family grows 15 acres of Gamay, with 40 year old vines, as well as small amounts of 30-year-old Chardonnay vines to make the rare Beaujolais Blanc. These are classic Beaujolais Villages wines, with wonderful freshness and ageing potential that puts them more on a par with Cru Beaujolais.

But sometimes the producer is so focused on his work that he forgets to do what modern-day wine markets expect of wineries. We don’t have tech sheets, or updated bottle images, but we do have an earnest, 3rd generation Beaujolais producer that makes brilliant wines across various Crus in the area.

Founded: 1980
Owner: Pierre David
Winery Location:  Beaujolais
Vineyard: 0.7 Ha of Chardonnay, 1.80 Ha of Gamay for Julienas  and 13 Ha of Gamay for  Beaujolais-Villages

How We Met

Another referral from a friendly importer/friend in California I used to work with, Vintage Wine Marketing, founded by Steve and Faith Ventrello. Pierre David is a super-earnest, down-to-earth vintner and quite talented with the Gamay (and the Chardonnay too). One of the hardest working men in Beaujolais and always a pleasure to do business with.  

Quick Facts on Beaujolais

HISTORY: The Beaujolais region lies immediately south of Burgundy and has a varied history with its neighbor to the north. At one point the Duke of Burgundy declared Gamay to be in inferior and tried to have it ripped out. This was obviously unsuccessful over time and the region and wines made from Gamay have had continued success.

TODAY: Beaujolais Cru continues to impress and grow in prestige while Beaujolais Nouveau represents the first wine of the harvest and is celebrated on Beaujolais Nouveau Day on the third Thursday of November every year. 

TERROIR:  Beaujolais has a continental climate, slightly warmer than that of Burgundy. Fast-draining granite, schist and sandy soils. Hilly 200-500 meters above sea level. 98% of grapes planted are Gamay with a tiny amount of Rosé and Chardonnay.