Chinon, France

Their Story

There are few names more respected in the Loire than that of Couly-Dutheil known for the quality of its wines served at the most prestigious tables in France. Established in 1921 by Baptiste Dutheil it was not until 1928, when a distant relative, Rene Couly, came to Chinon and married the daughter of Baptiste and Marie, Madeleine, that the winery flourished. Rene subsequently became the driving force in Couly-Dutheil, increasing the vineyard holdings and raising the quality of the wines. The estate’s reputation was truly forged, however, by their children Pierre and Jacques, and their sons Bertrand and Arnaud. Pierre and Bertrand have now founded their own domaine while Couly remains in the capable hands of the father-and-son team, Jacques and Arnaud, who produce Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc from extraordinary Chinon vineyard sites. 

Founded: 1921
Owner: Couly-Dutheil Family
Winemaker: Arnaud Couly
Annual Production: 100,000 cases
Yield:  45 to 50 hl/ha for reds & 40 hl/ha for whites
Grape Varieties: Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc
Vineyard Location: Chinon AOC, Bourgueil AOC, St Nicolas de Bourgeil AOC, Saumur Blanc AOC, Saumur Champigny AOC
Vineyard Size: 130 hectares

Quick Facts on Chinon

HISTORY: This area has been producing wine for many centuries and although wines of all three colors are made here, the focus is now very clearly on red wines.

Vineyards: Chinon covers 19 communes and 2,300 hectares and is located on the Vienne river, right at the western edge of the Touraine district and just a few miles from the easternmost vineyards of the adjacent district, Anjou.

CLIMATE: Semi maritime climate with long sunny periods. Sandy, gravel plains along the Vienne River. Clay and chalk in hills. Clay and Siliceous slope.