Félix Lorenzo Cachazo

Rueda, España
Cachazo is the oldest family producer from DO Rueda with the oldest vines planted 140 years ago. Félix Lorenzo Cachazo, is one of the founders of the DO Rueda and one of the vintners who discovered Verdejo and made it into the popular, energetic white wine style it is today.

Their Story

Félix Lorenzo Cachazo started his journey in the world of wine working in one of the old underground wine cellars in the village of Pozaldez (Valladolid), giving life to the old “Amontillados” wines – a variety of sherry wines.

There is little left of these strong and special wines, but we must not forget that they were the seed of today’s modern and successful Verdejo wines.

Félix was one of the “inventors” of changing the winemaking style, a change that resulted in the salvation of the Verdejo grape which at that time was condemned to disappear.

The change in the winemaking style, from “Amontillado” to “Verdejo wines” arises with the creation of the Denomination of Origin Rueda (D.O. Rueda) in 1980, being Félix one of the eight founders.

Founded: 1946
Owner: Félix Lorenzo Cacho
Winemaker: Ángela Lorenzo Heras
Annual Production: 140,000 litres
Winery Location: Pozaldez in DO Rueda
Vineyard: D.O. Rueda; Alcazarén Village

Quick Facts on D.O. Rueda

HISTORY: Established 1980, Rueda produces almost entirely white wines made of Verdejo. Until around 50 years ago, Rueda produced oxidative fortified wines. It was investment from the Marques de Riscal winery in Rioja, that spurred the transformation of the region.

TODAY: The area has seen exponential growth in the last twenty years. The fruity, crisp early drinking style of the Verdejo wines, together with an inexpensive price point, has been extremely popular on both the domestic and global markets.

TERROIR: The region is a patchwork of vineyards of flat high plains south of Valladolid. Short spring with late frosts, hot and dry summers, frosts and cloudy during winter. Red sandy clay soils that are deep and well draining. 700 – 800 meters above sea level.

How We Met

Felix’s son Eduardo is good friends with José Luis from Bodegas Tabula. After lamenting to José Luis about not finding good Verdejos, he told me – “Go see my friend, who’s got a great story to tell you.” I thought I knew enough about Rueda, but the history of this place (holdings of pre-phylloxera vines) and forgotten oxidative styles captivated me. Not to mention these incisive, energetic wines happen to have helpful scores (I know, I know, but they don’t hurt).