Terre Stregate

Campania, Italia
Terre Stregate, means “Land of the Bewitched.” and these wines cast a darn spell on us. Terre Stregate is a dedicated family-owned winery that produces organic oils and excellent wines, with an estate rising from the Guardia Sanframondi hills, a short drive from Naples. The local ancient village of the Sannio Beneventano is full of history and traditions.

Their Story

Founded in 1898 by Filippo Iacobucci, the farm existed as both a mill and winery until Armando, Filippo’s son, told his two sons, Carlo and Filippo, to abandon wine entirely. Fortunately, one of Carlo’s sons, Armando, decided to restart producing wine in 2004. We are glad he did.

Terre Stregate is a perpetuation of time-honored traditions handed down across almost ten generations. This is why Terre Stregate remains among the most authentic “time-capsule” wineries of our portfolio, and Filomena, the next matriarch, a close friend of Reyes Selections.

Founded: 2004
Owner: Iacobucci Family
Winemaker: Nicola Trabucco
Annual Production: 5,000-10000 cases
Winery Location: Sannitic Hills
Vineyard: 25 hectares extend along the slopes of the Matese overlooking the Telesina Valleys and the Calore River.

How We Met

Truthfully, I don’t remember exactly how, other than stomping back through Hall B at Vinitaly (it’s got a hollow, raised foundation, so walking sounds loud, like stomping) years ago and being floored by eighth-generation winery owner Filomena’s Falanghina—say that fast a few times. That was the best white wine of the entire fair, according to everyone on my team. Later on, we found out it was a Tre Bicchieri winner, and has been multiple-times since then.  Go figure.

Quick Facts on Campania

HISTORY: During Roman times the northern region of Campania that produced Falernian wine (unknown varieties) from northern Campania was famous for its quality and ability to age.

TODAY:  The wine world looks with respect and excitement towards the DOCG sites of Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo & Taurasi for the brilliant white wines and rich, full bodied Aglianico reds. 

TERROIR: Campania has a warm Mediterranean climate and is characterized by the slopes and mountains with a mix of soils ranging from clay to limestone in the south and volcanic tuffa around Mt. Vesusius and Naples.